LISSA Illegal Bat list 2017 
* MATERIAL - Any type of aluminum, or aluminum based alloy,EX(100% Scandium Alloy, 100%
  ZnX Alloy, AB-9000 Aerospace Alloy, and many othertypes of aluminum alloys}/
* Single Wall Barrel/ Must be made of onewall NOT MORE> Ex, 2 wall bats or more NOT allowed.
* 2 1/4 Diameter Barrell/ NOT LARGER
* BAT LENGTH/ Cannot be longer than 34"
* HYBRID BAT-Bats are considered Hybrid if they have a composit handle and an aluminum 
  alloy barrel.
* 1 or 2 Piece Bat Construction Barrel must be made of aluminum or some sort of aluminum alloy.
   Ex. (100% Scandium Aloy, 100% ZnX Alloy, AB-9000Aerospace Alloy and many other types of
   aluminum alloys).
* Approval Stamps:1.20 BPF=BAT PERFORMANCE FACTOR,
The following is a partial list of illegal bats:
Akadema EXTENSION Rawlings ACL; Liquid Metal; Plasma Composit
Anderson Fast Tech; Matrix; Reborn Rawlings Rush; Silverback
Anderson Rocket Tech; Techwrap Reebok Dictator; Vector O,O Plus & VR950
Anderson TECHZILLA; Wrap Tech Rip-It All Reapers; Force
Anderson Nano Tech SP & SPA  Rip-It Senior; Senior ASA
Bombat TD2 Schutt Bandit; Bustos; Fernandez; Schutt
Combat All Combat Bats are Composite Steele Alien; Laserflex 2 Wall
Bass Jeff Hall Assassin; Crippler Steele SC555 & C555
Bass Jose Conseco Juiced Steele TF12 Impact 2
Brett Bros Thunder  Steele Triple XTPS A1
Debeer Clincher EST; Shockwave Steele Triple XXX
Dudley All Fusion Steele Turboflex
DeMarini B52; Classic; Creature Steele XLT 4 
DeMarini Demolition Steele XLT7178
DeMarini Double Wall Steele XTRANEUM55
DeMarini Distance (All Models) Steele XXLT-G7178
DeMarini DXB52 Steele XXLT7178
DeMarini EVO; Flyswatter Steele Note: Any "Steele Belted" Steele Bat
DeMarini Fat Boy; Flame TNT TNT POWER
DeMarini F2; F3; F4; CF3; CF4 Toledo Katana
DeMarini Geezer; GTL CARTEL TPS Air Attack II & Air Attack III
DeMarini Juice all models; J2 all models TPS Air Inertia or AI (All Models)
DeMarini Juggernaut TPS Air Response FP 104
DeMarini ONYX; Pitch Black TPS Catalyst & DYNASTY XXL
DeMarini Phenix; RD28 Ltd Edition TPS CU31XXL
DeMarini RAYZR & DARK TPS Double Action & Double Threat
DeMarini Raw Steel; White Steel;Black Steel TPS Dynsty XXL &  EXO 
DeMarini Voodoo; Vendetta; The One TPS Fastpitch C1C Mendoza
DeMarini 375 & 375MX; The Stadium TPS FP004 XXL 
Easton CV12-SCR1; Salvo TPS Genesis & NEXUS all models
Easton All Stealth TPS Inertia Red & Inertia Green
Easton All: SYNERGY Models TPS Maverick; Mendoza; Omaha SPS116
Easton Synthesis (All); SALVO-SRV5 TPS Response XXL & Reaponse Ti XXL
Easton Tri Shell [all] & Ti-Core TPS Springsteel; Voltage & Voltage 2 
Easton All: Z Core Models TPS Warrior XXL (All XXL Models)
Grover Platinum & Platinum II TPS XXL & XXL Extreme Load; Triton
Hale HaleStorm TPS Zephyr; Z1000
Hale Napalm Worth Asylum; Mayhem; Mutant
Mikan All Mikan Bats are Composites Worth GX4 Dimension;  Max 120; Mayhem
Mizuno All Mizuno Bats are Composites Worth PST 137
Nakona Renegade Worth All Prodigy; All 454 
Nakona Tomahawk Worth Revolver TST; Launch 510 Senior
Nike Aero Fuse; Athena Worth Resmondo Mutant
Nike Air Max Thrust Worth SUPERCELL EST
Nike Air Storm Worth Titan; Lithium Edge; TOXIC
Nike Air Storm GPT Worth Wicked ESTL; Velocit-E
Nike Air Surge Worth Wicked EST; EST Hybrid; 
Nike Athena Worth Wicked Whiplash (Composite)
Nike Surge Worth XEST 23 EXTRA 
Powerflite JA-7 ERC Worth All Quad Shell EST QL
One Cyro Equalizer 2 Worth 3DX & 3DXE & 3DXB
One Cyro Springwall Worth Note: All Models with EST or ESTL
Powerhouse Ozone  & Ozone II Worth Note: All Models with PST
Powerhouse Intimidator Worth Note: All Models with 3DX
Worth Note: All Models with Wicked
Worth Sinister Double Wall TST
Players using  any of these bats will be subject to applicable penalties.
The above list is not all-inclusive. As additional multi-wall bats are identified they will be added  to the
list. If there is a question regarding a bat not on the list, contact Arnie Raichek. [Tel. 516-536-2583; Al Capelli. 516-526-2403
Single Wall Bats allowable for use in the Long Island Senior Softball Association, inc.
This is a list of approved single wall bats. This  list is not all inclusive as some single wall bats may
be out of production. 
One Cyro Equalizer
Anderson Flex; Flex Tech; KSP Powerhouse Troy Brumbalow
Anderson Pyro Tech Powerhouse Xtreme
Bombat Johnny Ice/S10 Rawlings Powerforged
Catapult C405 Rawlings Fuel
DeBeer Clincher Silver Rawlings Ambush (SP1AM2)
DeBeer Icon Rawlings Calibur (SPCLBR)  
DeMarini Destroyer; Bruiser Steele's Blue
DeMarini Julie Smith Steele's Laserflex
DeMarini Nitro Steele's Storm
DeMarini Ultimate Weapon Toledo Buzzsaw
DeMarini Venum &Vexxum Toledo Inferno BL & EL
Dudley Assault & Assault II Toledo Nitroglycerin
Easton SZ77 TPS Armor SB 12A
Easton Black magic TPS Advanced Player
Easton ConneXion Gold TPS C405, C405 Plus
Easton Cyclone TPS C555
Easton C-Core TPS Dynasty
Easton Hammer TPS Gamer
Easton Havoc TPS Gen1X Power dome
Easton Impact TPS Gold
Easton Redline Sunbelt TPS Grand Slam
Easton Reflex; Rival SV3 & SG1 TPS H2 HYBRID(Non XXL)
Easton Reflec C-Core TPS ODYSSEY
Easton S10 ConneXion TPS Powerdome
Easton Stealth (non COMP or nonCNT) TPS Warrior (Non XXL)
Easton 777; CV12 TPS Warrior Powerdome
Easton Quantum ST260 SC900 TPS Response Powerdome
Easton SV12-SSV1 & SSV2; V12-Sv2 Wilson Beast
Grover Gold Worth Blade
Grover MVP Worth Clincher
Grover Silver Worth Xcalibur
Kelly Mach 10 Worth Insanity Blue ASA
Mizuno Ice Worth Insanity W4SB7
Nike Aero Thunder Fuse SPATF Worth MG 46 (SSMG)
Nike Battaboom Worth Powerzone
Nike Black Powder Worth Powercell; Reload
Nike Bomber Slo Worth Silencer
Nike Hawk Worth Storm SBSTMX
Nike Ignitor Worth Supercell [non EST]
Nike Kaos Worth Supercell VT
Nike Keystone Worth Ultraflex
Nike Storm Worth AMP
Nike Swoosh Worth Whiplash W3SB
Nike Venom
Refer to the Illegal Bat List for Double Wall and Composit bats.
Note that some bats like the Worth Supercell have a like named illegal bat the Worth Supercell EST.
The EST classification on Worth bats make them illegal. Likewise the Easton Stealth Composite
If in doubt, contact Al Capeli. 516-526-2403